HSBC Rugby Sevens, Singapore : Fiji beats New Zealand to become first 3-time champion

on 10 Apr 2022 12:00 AM
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SINGAPORE - It was Fiji's day in Singapore. After beating New Zealand in the finale, infront of a packed stadium, Fiji became the first 3-time champions in Singapore winning HSBC Rugby Sevens. Fiji, being the most aggressvie in the field beat New Zealand convincingly in the finale (10/4) by 28-17. They had last won in Singapore in 2006 & 2018. 

Fiji's aggressive play on the final day (10/4)

Fiji is also the ruling olympic champions in Rugby and had made their first appreance after the Covid Restrictions. Fiji had an stunning display of attack and defense. They were lightening quick on their legs and didn't loose a single attempt to score points. Playing 5 matches in 2 days demands great mental and physical strength and , but it worth it said their captain Tevita Daugunu. 

Fiji, very strong with their attack and a solid defence

Other updates:

1. New Zealand had to satisfy themselves with the silver medal in their first series of 2022  

New Zealand being one of the prolific teams in the tournament

2. Australia beat Ireland 21-19 to clinch bronze medal.

Stunning display of the sport by Australia on the final day (10/4)

3. South Africa remain Series leaders with 98 points, ahead of Australia.

South Africa were the favorites 

4. Argentina tied second on 83 points.

Argentia against Australia on the final day (10/4)

5. South Africa had won all four rounds of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2022 to date, prior to HSBC Rugby Sevens in Singapore.



South Africa in action in their game against Fiji


This is how the final tally looked like in HSBC Singapore Sevens, Singapore -

1. Fiji (22 points) 

2. New Zealand (19 points) 

3 .Australia (17 points) 

4. Ireland (15 points) 

5. Argentina (13 points) 

6. United States (12 points) 

7. South Africa and Samoa (10 points) 

9. France (8 points) 

10. Spain (7 points) 

11. Wales & Kenya (5 points) 

13. England (3 points) 

14. Japan (2 points) 

15. Scotland & Canada (1 point).

Subsequent action for World Rugby Sevens series will now move on next to Vancouver, Canada on the 16-17th April 2022.


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