TECO Maritime lifts Izaara Cup in a thrilling win over Tamil Thalaivas

on 12 Mar 2023 12:00 AM
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You can't expect a better finish to the 12th edition of Izaara Cup. TECO Maritime pulled off a thrilling finish in the final overs (winning by 2 wickets and 2 balls to spare), to win the coveted trophy. Put into bowling first, TECO Maritime did failry well but conceded 49 runs in a tight 6 overs game. Some hard hitting from Tamil Thalaivas skipper & openers Ramesh Kalimuthu (20 of 13) and Vasu Selvam (21 of 13) entertained the crowds with long sixes and fours. Chasing 50 to win, TECO had a diastrous start loosing their top 6 batsman for a poultry score of 23 runs in 4 overs. Saving the best for the last, two young chaps and the last pair from TECO Maritime - Ila Maran (18 of 7) and Nikil Garg (11 of 5) took TECO Maritime to the finishing line with some hard hitting sixes and fours, winning comfortably with 2 balls to spare. 

Celebrations broke out post TECO Maritime spirited win in the finals


Emotions flowing through post the scintillating win over Tamil Thalaivas

TECO Maritime is known for their flamboyant and spirited performance, but this time added lot more zeal and energy to the tournament and showed their grit and figithing attitude. Kudos to the entire team of TECO Maritime, their support staff, coach and everyone who came out in large numbers to support the winning team. 

TECO Maritime lifting the trophy

Earlier than the finals, Kline Warriors (59-0) won their game against AESM (54-2) comfortably and ended with the PLATE Winners of the Izaara Cup Tournament. This was definitely one of their best performances of the tournament. 

Kline Warriors with their winning team

Rusted Anchors, a team put together not too long ago, demonstrated a very energetic and spirited performance in the Izaara Cup. Beating United XI in the quarter finals by 7 wickets, they secured their placed to secure the SHIELD Trophy at the Izaara Cup. 

Rusted Anchors as the Shield Winners

Izaara Cup 2023 is deeply thankful to all the sixteen teams who participated in this tournament. With all your support and well wishes, we wish to come back next year with higher ambitions. A special thanks for the new teams who participated first time in Izaara. 

Special thanks to our Sponsors - MIZZEN DIGITAL, DYNAMARINE, NAKKAS, SHIP REPAIRS, KINGDOM GROUP, AUDAZ MARITIME and STAR TV who made time for this event and have contributed to the success of this tournament. This success story of Izaara is incomplete with you and we wish to collaborate with you in years to come. 

Kudos the sponsors for their support to the tournament

Gratitude to our sponsor MIZZEN DIGITAL for their presence

Really appreciate DYNAMARINE for flying from Greece and gracing the event


Further match level details are available on this link - https://www.crichq.com/competitions/12723/draws/58364/rounds

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