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on 06 Dec 2020 12:00 AM
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The more we dream, the farther we get. Give him a wall and he will climb it. Give him the height and he will make the long jump look so easy. That’s how nimble is 2014 born child athlete, Arihaan Garg.

As he says, there is nothing he can’t do. That’s the confidence of the young gun, Arihaan Garg. Leaving no stones unturned, He is now chasing his dream of representing India and winning gold for the country. Focusing on an overall physical, mental and emotive growth, there is hours of practice & his parents and coaches who have pushed this little boy fall in love with the sport.   

Read in to know more of Arihaan’s journey and his secrets to such a motivation. Arihaan is also joined by his father Gaurav Garg, who talks in detail about the hard choices and decisions one must traverse in his life. Leave your comments below.

Arihaan seen in action

So where are you based now?

Arihaan: Currently in Haryana, born in Rajasthan.

Joined by Arihaan father – Mr. Gaurav.

Arihaan, currently well shaped up and headed in the right direction

Arihaan, tell us what do you really want to do? Tell us what’s there in your heart.

Arihaan: I want to become a celebrity & win gold medal for India in Gymnastics. That is my desire, and I will do that one day. I love long jump and want to do something there.

Arihaan, practicing his long jumps at home during Covid19

Not too many gymnasts are there to follow in India. So why pick this sport?

Gaurav: In India, we generally start very late. In countries like Russia & China, they start at the age of 3-4 years old. I have been training Arihaan from last 2 years, but he got lot more momentum in the times of covid19.

I think its lot more about having a strong mindset and the desire to stay connected to our goals. Arihaan understands his goals so well and he does things with great passion & lot of heart.

Arihaan brings forward a sheet, in which he has penned down all the good things a persn should do & follow. Here it is for our audience.

How to keep ourselves healthy

Don’t eat Fried & Sweet things.

Do workout regularly and in 2-3 years, you will find the results.

Trick your mind.

Make a routine.

If you want to eat something sweet, do not use sugar. Use Jaggery instead.

Attend your school regularly.

Don’t use chemicals.

Put (ice) packs on your body.

Original written copy by Arihaan

How many years have you been doing your practice, Arihaan? And what else do you do, as such a young kid?

I have been doing practice last 2 years. As my routine, I start my day with gymnastics at 5am in the morning followed by my workouts. I do attend my school classes in the morning and take a nap thereafter. In the evenings, my schedule is mostly around activities & music (keyboard).

Arihaan, fluent on the keyboard

Gaurav, tell us on how did this interest cultivate in you?

After my college, I went to Mumbai to try my luck in Showbiz. Due to that, I always had the zeal to stay fit, healthy and take care of my body. My body had always been very flexible since beginning and I had great interest in gymnastics since then. Understanding the importance of fitness is such an important thing.

As for Arihaan, I just followed simple and a diligent process to start with. I started nurturing him and he has been responding so well. Focus is fitness first and doing the right things including eating habits. Things has been falling in place and thankfully family is supporting it as well.

There have been tough times as well, mentally. We do counsel him very often on these good habits and disciplined culture, as he sees other kids doing things very different i.e. eating chips, playing video games etc. Things has changed now, and he has started to understand and respond so well.

Starting early is good for kids as they tend to grasp things faster at this stage. He has a dream to chase, and he is just working tirelessly to achieve that. He loves music and had inclination towards that since early. Also, it helps brain relax a bit and keep it active at the same time. With an overall physical, mental and emotive growth he will understand how to deal with tough situations & failures in life.  

Arihaan with his family - father and mother

Arihaan can also write with both left and right hands. In a months’ time, he will be also be able to write with both hands simultaneously (ambidextrous). He can solve all the rubik’s cubes of different nature. We just keep encouraging him in whatever he does and will continue to support his dream.

As a kid, he is a busy mind. He keeps himself occupied with puzzles, Lego, coding etc. It is hard to find him doing something which is not constrictive.

Arihaan, tell us about your eating habits?

I prefer eating healthy food, cooked by my mother. I love south Indian & Italian Chinese dishes.

Arihaan, enjoying his home made favorite dishes

Gaurav: We make everything for him at home, all kinds of dishes, using healthy organic foods.

Arihaan, how about your studies? Your favorite subject?

Love doing mathematics. I am doing online classes for now.

Gaurav: Have been thinking of doing homeschooling for him, but unfortunately its not very favorable in India. But thankfully, due to Covid19 we get to spend more time on his trainings.

The impact of the social media is helping.

Some of my friends instructed me to use social media. I started it around March 2020. Last 6 months, I have learnt lots of things about how to use social media effectively and hence have been promoting Arihaan activities every day. Thankfully, it has received eyeballs across spectrums and people have started to realize his potential.

You love acting and dancing as well.

Oh yes, I love acting. Vidyut Jammwal is my favorite and I follow him very closely.

I have a t-shirt given to me by Vidyut Jammwal, on my birthday.

Arihaan, posting with the t-shirt gifted to him by Vidyut

Message for young kids like you.

Push yourself, stay motivated and believe in you & your dreams.

Arihaan, with his message for all

Gaurav, any roadmap you have for Arihaan?

He is going at one of the best coaches in Haryana. He is very good at it, and proper guidance will be provided by a professional coach. We are now leaving things upto the coach, and we are sure that he will take things in the right direction.

Any coverage or sponsorships for Arihaan?

Not yet. But yes, sure that going forward things will work out. We will keep working hard & in the right direction. We are thankful to the online media houses, who are giving space to Arihaan and covering him. These will help in the long run.


Cynergysports wishes Arihaan Garg and his family, a safe health & a successful times ahead. We thank him for his time & the support to the community.

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