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Aaudaz Maritime and Izaara cricket – A long lasting sports community engagement

Imagine having a one stop shop for all your...

Empowering Sports with Safety: The Synergy of DYNAMARINe and IZAARA CRICKET

Founder and CEO of DYNAMARINe is Alexandros Glykas. He...

Mizzen Digital, a leader in managing shipping operations takes pride in community engagement through sports

Mizzen Digital was founded by Capt. Sandeep D’Silva who...

The Rajawat Legacy: Three Paths, One Family, Countless Accomplishments

Meet the Rajawat siblings – Priyanshu, Taneea, and Kunal...

Fueling Champions: An Exclusive Interview with Sports Nutritionist Geetha Ghaliyavar

An acclaimed sports nutritionist, high-performance dietitian with PG diploma...

Smashing Success: A Candid Conversation with Shashwat Dalal

In the world of badminton, where every shuttlecock tells...

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