The Rajawat Legacy: Three Paths, One Family, Countless Accomplishments


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Meet the Rajawat siblings – Priyanshu, Taneea, and Kunal – each carving their own paths to success in their respective fields. From the exhilarating world of badminton to the glitz and glamour of entertainment and the entrepreneurial realm of café ownership, their collective journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Join us as we delve into the fascinating stories of these three remarkable individuals, bound by blood and united in their pursuit of greatness.

Priyanshu Rajawat, despite his young age, has already left a significant mark on the badminton world. His recent victory at the Orleans Masters 2023 underscores his immense talent and potential. While facing setbacks at tournaments like the Denmark Open and China Open, his spirited performances against higher-ranked opponents highlight his determination and ability to compete at the highest level. Currently ranked 28th globally, Rajawat’s trajectory suggests a promising future in the sport as he continues to impress with his skill and resilience on the court.

Taneea Rajawat on the other hand is not only as a model but also as a versatile actor, with notable appearances in films such as “Blue Funk” (2019), “Bhed” (2023), “Love and Shukla” (2017), and “Mutton Paya” (2023). Her impressive talent has garnered her two wins and one nomination in prestigious awards ceremonies, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft. Taneea continues to captivate audiences with her charisma and skill, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Kunal Rajawat, once a notable figure in the world of badminton, has transitioned seamlessly into entrepreneurship with the establishment of his own café. Having retired from professional sports, Kunal brings his passion and dedication to his new venture, offering a unique blend of flavors and experiences to his patrons. His journey from the badminton court to the café reflects his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit, earning him recognition as both an athlete and a thriving business owner.

So what do you guys like to eat at home?

Tanea: We enjoy a simple life where we normally go to meal is Dal and Palak Sabzi. We also relish Chicken and Mutton from time to time

Do you keep a track of your calorie intake?

Tanea: Yes I follow a stringent diet and track my calories but recently I have cheat days going on where I have been eating the most amount of junk in my life. During Covid-19, from 2020-2022, three years I have followed a strict diet with no carbs, no sweets, nothing and now its the opposite. 

So Kunal, can you tell us more about your cafe? 

Kunal: So I started my cafe, Cafe Bliss given my passion towards culinary and the satisfaction I get from feeding other people. I run a cloud kitchen as well mostly for non-vegetarian food which I cook mostly and also I have a chef as well. Though the cafe has only vegetarian food which has mostly fast food. It is situated on the ground floor and we stay on the top floor which makes it easier for me to manage it. The venture is going quite good overall. 

Coming to Priyanshu, I believe 2023 has been a breakthrough year for you. Australian Open you did exceptionally well, are you looking forward to the Korea Open 2023?

Priyanshu: No, I will be participating in the Japan Open, China Open and Syed Modi International. 2023 was definitely a good year though due to injuries in between I certainly missed a lot of tournaments in between. Presently I am powering up to perform well in all these tournaments. 

So as per you, performing nationally is more difficult or internationally? 

Priyanshu: National games are still fine as you keep on playing with the same players and are well-acquainted with this game, but with international players it is more tough as when we play with the same player again they read our game before participating with us and strategize their moves accordingly. Whereas in India people are more focussed on enhancing their game which makes it easier. 

So do you also make some similar strategies before going for a match with such high profile players?

Priyanshu: I don’t study my opponents past performance while going for such matches though my coaches prepare me and brief me on how to play with particular players and their weaknesses. Also they do a one-on-one session with me one hour before the match which is quite helpful. Though I am planning on following this method as I believe it can help me evolve my game.

Being a singles player, how is it for you? Do you feel you are at the right pace?

Priyanshu: So singles has been my game since the initial stage and I have hardly played doubles. In fact, Gopi Sir also advised me to stick to it. Guru Sai Dutt and Gopi Sir are presently coaching me.

For Japan Masters, do you have the same strategies you have been following so far?

Priyanshu: So far it is the same as I have been following though it will depend on my coaches mostly. Hence, I will get to know more once I reach there. 

We have been following your Instagram account for a while where we observed your encounters with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Naveen Patnaik ji, Shivashi Chauhanji and more. How do you feel like meeting such people and receiving felicitation from them at a young age?

Priyanshu: It was a phenomenal experience honestly and I feel it was a great achievement for the entire team to meet PM Modiji. He had lunch for us and was extremely polite to us. Also he spoke to all the players individually trying to understand the hardships that we face and the things we need for enhancing our game. Overall it was great.

What is your thought process on the current scenario of badminton as compared to four five years back?

Priyanshu: I believe that the badminton industry has evolved a lot especially in India as people have become quite aware and started watching the game. Moreover parents are also taking initiative from their end to help their child indulge into sports while also involving themselves more and providing them with the facilities to help them achieve it. Besides the government has also come up with a lot of schemes and support from their end and even the association has been playing a monumental role in helping the industry reach this level. They treat all the players equally and keep pushing us to perform better. 

How do you take your competitions? Do you take a lot of pressure?

Priyanshu: No, I don’t take a lot of pressure though I make sure to give my 100% whether I win or lose such that I am satisfied with my game and that’s what my coach and family has also been guiding me. 

So Tanea and Kunal, do you guys get on a call and motivate him before his match? What is the scene like?

Tanea: He never talks at home before the match. In fact, he talks to mom and dad after the match to get their insights on his game. 

Priyanshu: I do this as my parents are quite tense before the game so to avoid it. 

Tanea: Yes that’s true. In fact, mom doesn’t even call me before the match. She calls me after 4 to 5 days whether he wins or loses.

So Kunal, do you close the cafe during his match to watch him play?

Kunal: No, we live stream it in the cafe and all of us watch it together. In fact, right now we are live streaming India’s ODI matches and watching together as well

So how is the discussion after the match? Do you guys guide him on his shortcomings?

Tanea: No, we just make sure if he is alright or not so that he can perform better in the next tournament. If he wins then the vibe is altogether different though our main goal is to ensure that he is doing well. 

So have the three of you played together ever?

Tanea: No I am not a good player

Kunal you were a player right?

Kunal: Yes I was though I left when I was in 9th grade as I realized my proclivities lay elsewhere. 

So can you tell us how badminton started in the family? 

Tanea: So we never had a sports background. Though Kunal suffered from pneumonia from a young age where the doctor recommended him to play sports as a way to recover owing to which he picked up Badminton. My father used to take Priyanshu along with him to pick and drop Kunal. So it started in a very filmy way where one fine day Priyanshu went for practice with my dad to watch Kunal play. He started providing suggestions on Kunal’s game. So my dad recommended Priyanshu to give it a try. 

At that moment Sudheer Sir was Kunal’s coach and he asked Priyanshu to come the next day. Within six to seven months he played state and started reaching greater heights. That’s how it started for them. During that time Saina Nehwal was playing quite well and Gopi Sir was looking for younger players and both of them gave trials and got into Gwalior Academy. So that’s how their journey has been so far. 

How long ago was it Tanea? 

Tanea: It was in 2011. I remember Priyanshu had 103 degrees fever when he gave his trials for Gwalior Academy. My mom advised him on call to take a Paracetamol and give the trial and eventually he did get selected. That’s also where we realized his passion and determination for the game. 

So Tanea tell us about you a bit more? How did it all start for you?

Since a young age I used to tell my parents that I will be an actor. Though they used to laugh it off as we didn’t have any background in the industry. I was good in studies as well so my mom was like you will be an IAS though I was determined in being an actor. With such things going on, I randomly gave auditions in Indore and applied to an acting institute where I got selected and came to Mumbai. I was in 12th standard back then so my mom asked me to get a certain percentile to choose the field of my choice. I studied really hard and managed to get decent scores and came here. My parents have always been quite supportive towards all of us of our choices and I feel really blessed. 

So what’s next for you?

Two of my series are releasing next year so I am waiting for that to see the audience’s response and also I will start shooting for some projects this year end. 

So Kunal and Priyanshu did you get a chance to visit the set?

Priyanshu: I have been there once. 

Kunal: I haven’t. 

So Priyanshu, have you made up your mind on how many years more do you intend on playing and after that will you be a coach or how will it be?

Priyanshu: I haven’t planned anything as such yet, though I’m looking forward to getting a gold in the Olympics for India, which no one has done yet and thereafter I will figure it out accordingly. 

What about your parents? Do they come from an entrepreneurial background as well?

Tanea: Yes. My dad started with a xerox shop and eventually got into printing and all and ever since has been growing it. 

So Priyanshu can you tell us about one moment you will never forget in this industry and one that you want to forget?

Priyanshu: I will always remember my Thomas Cup win as it was India’s first and I got the chance to get it. I would also like to thank my teammates for providing me the opportunity to be the face of victory for my country. 

How is the atmosphere like practicing with the team?

Priyanshu: Yes I am quite comfortable with them as everyone is really nice and friendly and treat me like their younger brother. They are like my family. They guide me as well on my game and I stay quite happy in their company. I also get to learn from their experience as not everyone gets the opportunity to learn and mentor under such big players. 

HS Prannoy has stood out in singles at such an age. What is your thought on it?

I believe his game is quite great and I am confident he will reach much greater heights. In India’s top 100 there are 10-12 people and in the top 50 there are 6 people alone. This has never happened for any country before so there is a good chance for all to break in the top 30 or 20 soon. Everyone is doing great and I believe we can achieve it together if we keep performing at this pace. 

So Tanea have you ever traveled with Priyanshu for any tournaments?

Tanea Yes I went to Hong Kong with him and it was a great experience. 


Kunal Tell us Priyanshu’s best innings?

Kunal: Japan Open 2023

Priyanshu tell us about Tanea’s best movie 

Priyanshu: Love and Shukla 

Tanea what is Kunal and Priyanshu’s name on your phone?

Tanea: Kunal Pagal and Priyanshu World No 1. 

Kunal, how do you save Tanea’s name?

Kunal: Tanea di 

Tell us your childhood names

Tanea: Mine is Taani, Tinde, Guidya. 

Each of you tell a favorite habit of others?

Priyanshu: Kunal bhaiya loves cooking and partying whereas Tanea di loves traveling and shopping. 

Tanea: Kunal loves annoying people and Priyanshu is very disciplined and treats people with alot respect

So Tanea’s favorite item in the closet?

Tanea: Blush on, gym clothes, saree and oversized shirts 

Priyanshu: Baggy clothes

One secret habit for each of you?

Priyanshu: Mine is dancing 

Kunal: Partying and long drives

Tanea: Meditation or Chanting 

Favorite holiday destination?

Tanea: Maldives 

Kunal: Maldives as well

Cynergysports wishes Rajawat family, a safe health & a great 2024. We thank them for their time & the wider support to the badminton community.

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