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Aaudaz Maritime and Izaara cricket – A long lasting sports community engagement

Imagine having a one stop shop for all your maritime needs. You’ve found one-Aaudaz Maritime! A B-2-B consultancy to meet your maritime needs. Aaudaz maritime Founded in 2018 , Aaudaz maritime has...

Empowering Sports with Safety: The Synergy of DYNAMARINe and IZAARA CRICKET

Founder and CEO of DYNAMARINe is Alexandros Glykas. He is a highly motivated Naval Architect and Marine Engineer...

Mizzen Digital, a leader in managing shipping operations takes pride in community engagement through sports

Mizzen Digital was founded by Capt. Sandeep D’Silva who is the CEO, Chetan Mehrotra who is the CHRO...

VICTORY OF CRICKET once again at the Izaara cricket fiesta 2024

The 12th edition of the IZAARA CRICKET FIESTA 2024 was another thrilling cricketing event under the Izaara Cup...

The Rajawat Legacy: Three Paths, One Family, Countless Accomplishments

Meet the Rajawat siblings – Priyanshu, Taneea, and Kunal – each carving their own paths to success in...

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