Underwater Swimming Techniques


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Underwater swimming is a crucial aspect of competitive swimming, enabling athletes to maintain momentum, reduce drag, and gain a competitive edge during starts, turns, and finishes. While the time spent underwater is limited, the techniques used in this phase can significantly impact overall race performance. In this blog, we will explore various well-researched underwater swimming techniques that will help swimmers improve their speed, efficiency, and ultimately, their chances of victory.

Streamlining for Reduced Resistance

Before diving into underwater swimming techniques, mastering the art of streamlining is essential. A streamlined body position minimizes drag and optimizes speed. As you push off the wall or dive into the water, extend your arms overhead, press your biceps against your ears, and clasp your hands together. Tuck your chin slightly, align your head with your spine, and maintain a straight body line. By reducing frontal area and increasing hydrodynamics, you’ll glide through the water with minimal resistance.

The Dolphin Kick: A Powerful Propulsion Tool

The dolphin kick is a key underwater swimming technique used during starts and turns. This undulating motion originates from the hips and transfers through the legs to propel the body forward. Mastering the dolphin kick requires strong core muscles and flexible ankles. Practice dolphin kicks in sets, focusing on maintaining a steady rhythm and strong push-offs from the wall. With consistent training, the dolphin kick can become a potent weapon in your swimming arsenal.

The Underwater Pullout: Maximizing Distance

The underwater pullout is crucial in breaststroke and butterfly events. After the dive or push-off, execute a powerful arm pull combined with the dolphin kick to maximize the distance underwater. Keep your hands close together, push them past your hips, and initiate the dolphin kick as you start the arm recovery. This technique allows you to maintain speed and conserve energy, providing a smooth transition into the surface swimming phase.

Underwater Timing and Breath Control

Proper timing and breath control are vital when executing underwater swimming techniques. Develop a keen sense of when to initiate the dolphin kick and when to resurface for a stroke cycle. Efficient underwater timing can be a game-changer in races, allowing you to capitalize on the extended gliding phase. Practice breath control during training, gradually increasing the distance you cover underwater while maintaining comfort and control.

Utilizing Underwater Cameras for Feedback

To fine-tune your underwater swimming techniques, consider using underwater cameras during training sessions. Video analysis can provide valuable feedback on your streamlining, dolphin kick form, and pullouts. Work closely with your coach to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective measures effectively.


Underwater swimming techniques are integral to success in competitive swimming. By mastering streamlining, perfecting the dolphin kick and underwater pullout, and developing excellent timing and breath control, swimmers can significantly enhance their speed and efficiency. Regular practice, attention to detail, and feedback through video analysis can help you refine these skills. By integrating these well-researched techniques into your training regimen, you’ll be well on your way to gaining a competitive edge and achieving your swimming goals

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